Selected Publications

Vermont + Portland


Toxic Shock: Why This Woman is Suing a Tampon Company After Losing Her Leg — VICE

Are Multiple Personalities Always a Disorder? — VICE

The Secret Lives of Hollywood Boulevard’s Johnny Depp Impersonators — VICE

The World’s First EDM 5K Was Incredibly Wholesome — VICE

Inside the Saddest Thread on the Internet, Ten Years Later — Salon

Robin Williams’ Secret Life as a Video Gamer — Salon

Erzsebet Bathory, the Blood Countess — The Hairpin

The Marquise de Brinvilliers, an Unnatural Woman — The Hairpin

Mary Ann Cotton, the Arsenic Queen — Jezebel

Tillie Klimek, High Priestess of the Bluebeard Clique — Jezebel

An Interview With Tom Robbins’ Interviewer — Bustle

13 of the Most Annoying Writers You’ll Ever Meet — Bustle

10 Literary Characters Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You — Barnes & Noble

Is Your Child a Bad Seed? — Barnes & Noble


The Archetype — SmokeLong Quarterly

Andromeda — The Moltov Cocktail

Marilyn Monroe on a Date — Storyscape Journal

Birth  —  Watershed Review

My Mother, at 107, Mourns the Planet —  Psychopomp Magazine

The Shadow Horse Your Father Gave You — Barely South Review

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