Everything in Moderation Except Listicles

Photo: Joseph Lyons Hello, Reader.  My friends and I used to read this incredibly pretentious blog where the blog-writer was always addressing the Reader: singular, and capital-R. It works for Jane Eyre but let me put all doubt to rest right now: it doesn’t work for you. The longer I let toridotgov.com go without updating… Continue reading Everything in Moderation Except Listicles

Human Raising Her Head to the Universe

Oh, my little site, how I've neglected you! And if you think I've neglected tori dot gov dot com, you should see my actual journal—poor empty baby. Like everyone else in the world, I have been very busy. I have been traveling so much, it's like I think it's tax-deductible or something! HA! HA! HA!… Continue reading Human Raising Her Head to the Universe

16 Things That Probably Won’t Make You Feel Better About the Work You’re Doing Right Now

Some days you like your job. Some days you don't. Here are 16 things that probably won't have any noticeable effect on how you feel about your life's work. Making to-do lists on subpar stationary. Reading stories about Florida teenagers who murdered their parents. Yikes, bro. Yikes. Loudly attempting to clarify your order to a… Continue reading 16 Things That Probably Won’t Make You Feel Better About the Work You’re Doing Right Now

Writing As: An Introduction

I've tried to update this blog—this PORTFOLIO, sorry, this portfolio—a million times this summer and fall, but I've been wracked with that weird form of writer's block that comes from having too much to say and too much money to be bothered to write it down and too many conflicting celebrity birthday party invitations to… Continue reading Writing As: An Introduction