Recommended Readings for Unstable Times

There are usually two ways people respond when I shriek, “THE WORLD IS OBVIOUSLY ENDING, RIGHT?” Some people (my beloved, my close friends) are like “yeah” and then we shiver together over a glass of wine. Others chirp “things are great!” and we stare at each other without saying anything more. If I had any… Continue reading Recommended Readings for Unstable Times

A Few Brief Thoughts on Being Legit [Video]

Addicted to iMovie and I'm not ashamed. After re-watching this movie enough times to realize that it's totally embarrassing genius bipolar, I have come to several conclusions. Things I need to work on: 1. Talking loud enough to be heard over the rollicking soundtrack that I totally don't have the rights to. 2. Narrative… Continue reading A Few Brief Thoughts on Being Legit [Video]

The Impossible Story

I think every writer who's not completely emotionally dead inside (so um...Santa?) has one story that they've always wanted to write but somehow can't. Maybe it's the story of the wreckage of a love, or a family member's destruction. Something painful and intimate that for whatever reason cannot be touched yet. Blah blah blah cry… Continue reading The Impossible Story