Recommended Readings for Unstable Times

There are usually two ways people respond when I shriek, “THE WORLD IS OBVIOUSLY ENDING, RIGHT?” Some people (my beloved, my close friends) are like “yeah” and then we shiver together over a glass of wine. Others chirp “things are great!” and we stare at each other without saying anything more. If I had any… Continue reading Recommended Readings for Unstable Times

Everything I Know About Narrative Realist Fiction I Learned From “The Call” by the Backstreet Boys

I've been studying creative writing since I was a kid, but I never learned much from "books on craft" (ugh) or discussions about whether or not creative nonfiction needs to stick religiously to the truth (yawn). As a matter of fact, it was a single song from the turn of the millennium that -- despite… Continue reading Everything I Know About Narrative Realist Fiction I Learned From “The Call” by the Backstreet Boys

A Few Brief Thoughts on Being Legit [Video]

Addicted to iMovie and I'm not ashamed. After re-watching this movie enough times to realize that it's totally embarrassing genius bipolar, I have come to several conclusions. Things I need to work on: 1. Talking loud enough to be heard over the rollicking soundtrack that I totally don't have the rights to. 2. Narrative… Continue reading A Few Brief Thoughts on Being Legit [Video]

The State of the Union [Video]

CHECK OUT THIS BUSH-LEAGUE MOVIE RIGHT HERE! I MADE IT ALL BY MYSELF! YOU CAN'T HEAR SOME OF IT BECAUSE I WAS ACCIDENTALLY PLAYING SPOTIFY IN THE BACKGROUND! I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING SOMETHING ELSE AS WE SPEAK! #recklessyouth #didn'twashmyhair #nopainnogain #SPAM Part of the point of this video (which I accidentally cut… Continue reading The State of the Union [Video]

Today the Sky is Gray: A Compendium of Scientific Theories

1. It is a direct reflection of Freud's "melancholia," from which I am currently suffering, and the grayness is actually emanating from me as I sit here, staring out the Megabus window, driving farther and farther away from a land where coffee is made with care and buses run down literally every street, although they… Continue reading Today the Sky is Gray: A Compendium of Scientific Theories

Enemy of the State

I might be famous one day, if not for my "quirky" prose than for bursting into flames while being tasered by the police because I was huffing gasoline. And if I'm not famous for bursting into flames, I'll definitely be famous by sheer proximity, because I attach myself like a leech to people who seem… Continue reading Enemy of the State

Intricacies of Divorce

Here's the thing about divorce: it's not just for spouses anymore. Yes, my friends, you can divorce anyone these days. Your boss. Your coworkers. Your dogwalker. Your college professor. The tenuous threads that bind humanity together are growing ever weaker, ever more translucent. One day they will all be snipped. But until then, it's up… Continue reading Intricacies of Divorce

10 Places You Must See Before You Die

1. America Known to natives as "land of the free, home of the brave," America has something for everyone. If you want to see cool buildings, you're in luck--several of America's most famous cities are full of buildings. Looking for a great local bar? Simply head to the middle of any city or town and… Continue reading 10 Places You Must See Before You Die