Things I’m Genuinely Bad At, Part Two

Some time ago, I bared my soul to the world in the iconic post Things I’m Genuinely Bad At. That was the essay wherein I composed what may be my greatest line of all time: “You are probably never going to be a pop star and I am probably never going to be a neuroscientist,… Continue reading Things I’m Genuinely Bad At, Part Two

To the Unnamed Literary Magazine [Video] This is currently my favorite thing I've ever made. Backstory: there is one literary mag (which I will NEVER name) that I really really really want to be published in and I worry that this particular love story will never happen. The submission process can be fairly heartbreaking, so I tried to exorcise my demons… Continue reading To the Unnamed Literary Magazine [Video]

A Few Brief Thoughts on Being Legit [Video]

Addicted to iMovie and I'm not ashamed. After re-watching this movie enough times to realize that it's totally embarrassing genius bipolar, I have come to several conclusions. Things I need to work on: 1. Talking loud enough to be heard over the rollicking soundtrack that I totally don't have the rights to. 2. Narrative… Continue reading A Few Brief Thoughts on Being Legit [Video]

Things I’m Genuinely Bad At

In this age of self-help books and post-postmodern selfawareness and black holes that creep ever closer to our lonely planet, threatening to incinerate us into ash (shh, just go with the imagery), it's important to occasionally take a good hard look at things we are bad at. File this under Getting Real, my friends. You… Continue reading Things I’m Genuinely Bad At