Forgotten Towns

One Saturday in August, Charlie and I spent 12 hours driving toward, along, around, and away from the Texas-Mexico border. The first thing to know is that our entire “day trip” was informed by a very devious, very outdated, and quite frankly UTTERLY FALSE AND DIABOLICAL flier that we picked up at an overly hip hotel… Continue reading Forgotten Towns

Half a Year: Photos

I bought a Moleskine planner today. (It's a thing.) I cleaned out my camera. My new planner starts July 1st. While in limbo, I thought I'd look back on this first half of the year. This is a totally skewed portrait, since I never had my rather bulky DSLR at any of the many FABULOUS,… Continue reading Half a Year: Photos


Toridotgov is taking a break from regularly-scheduled (uh, whimsical, sporadic) programming to go on a totally spontaneous bought-my-ticket-48-hours-before-departure leaving-tomorrow-morning omg-omg-omg trip to the birthplace of the most adorable 87-year-old man on the planet, Gabriel Garcia "I love you too, Tori" Marquez! THAT'S RIGHT, I'M GOING TO COLUMBIA, OHIO! Minus Ohio. Oh, SIMILAR PLACE NAMES! You're… Continue reading Colombia-Bound

10 Places You Must See Before You Die

1. America Known to natives as "land of the free, home of the brave," America has something for everyone. If you want to see cool buildings, you're in luck--several of America's most famous cities are full of buildings. Looking for a great local bar? Simply head to the middle of any city or town and… Continue reading 10 Places You Must See Before You Die