Plots I Never Finished

CURB ALERT: I’m setting out a bunch of unfinished story plots on the side of the road. First come first serve! If this post is still up, it means plots are still available. Thanks!!!!! Please no phone calls!!!! The one about a girl trying to lure a boy first into a motel, and then into… Continue reading Plots I Never Finished

Writing As: An Introduction

I've tried to update this blog—this PORTFOLIO, sorry, this portfolio—a million times this summer and fall, but I've been wracked with that weird form of writer's block that comes from having too much to say and too much money to be bothered to write it down and too many conflicting celebrity birthday party invitations to… Continue reading Writing As: An Introduction


I don't even know where to begin. Here's how I've been feeling lately: ecstatic, dopamine-fueled, like everything is happening at once, and full of that subtle but deep underlying sadness that I don't think any thinking woman will ever be able to shake. Example: today, I saw Picasso's "Guernica" in person. I started crying. I stood… Continue reading Everything

Unconventional Soulmates

This is a transcript of a real-life chat conversation between friends. Names have not been changed. Liberties have not been taken. Well, the scotch is a bit fictional. But isn't it always? ZALMAN: Meri, I have literally zero experience in romantic love, but, can I describe my current fantasy for a life partner? MERIWETHER: Yes.… Continue reading Unconventional Soulmates

To the Unnamed Literary Magazine [Video] This is currently my favorite thing I've ever made. Backstory: there is one literary mag (which I will NEVER name) that I really really really want to be published in and I worry that this particular love story will never happen. The submission process can be fairly heartbreaking, so I tried to exorcise my demons… Continue reading To the Unnamed Literary Magazine [Video]

The Work of Writing: Week One Update

In case you missed it, I'm embarking on a month-long project of trying a different writing work style every week. If you're a non-writer who's wondering why I'm doing this, STOP READING MY BLOG AND GO BACK TO YOUR FINANCE JOB. Just kidding, I ADORE you. I'm doing this not-so-glamorous experiment because nobody really talks about the pros… Continue reading The Work of Writing: Week One Update

The Work of Writing

Due to a series of terrifying life events that none of you would understand, I'm embarking on a month-long project. Fine, if you insist: my sisterwife/fellow sugar daddy-hunter/coffee shop aficionado/curator of divorces/practitioner of extremist fascism/PRESIDENTIAL RUNNING MATE Meriwether "Poet w/ Eye of Dictator" Clarke is out of the country for one month. Where is she,… Continue reading The Work of Writing

A Few Brief Thoughts on Being Legit [Video]

Addicted to iMovie and I'm not ashamed. After re-watching this movie enough times to realize that it's totally embarrassing genius bipolar, I have come to several conclusions. Things I need to work on: 1. Talking loud enough to be heard over the rollicking soundtrack that I totally don't have the rights to. 2. Narrative… Continue reading A Few Brief Thoughts on Being Legit [Video]

The Means of Production

It's impossible not to love April. It's the prettiest month, the crocus month, the herald of the lover's month (wait, how could I ever pick the prettiest month?): May. As soon as April hit, so did inspiration. I started the month buzzing with near-delusional creative energy and I have the crazed texts to prove it.… Continue reading The Means of Production