Plots I Never Finished

CURB ALERT: I’m setting out a bunch of unfinished story plots on the side of the road. First come first serve! If this post is still up, it means plots are still available. Thanks!!!!! Please no phone calls!!!! The one about a girl trying to lure a boy first into a motel, and then into… Continue reading Plots I Never Finished

13 Things I Loved in 2013

Peeps, I am PSYCHED for 2014. I think it's going to be a fantastic year for all of us. Shout-out to my little sister who'll be graduating high school and starting college, everyone from IU who's going to be graduating with an MFA, and all others undergoing life changes big and small. Oh, and an… Continue reading 13 Things I Loved in 2013

Hangover Cures

Turn that hangover into a hangunder. Swiftly strike your thumb with a large mallet. Cut off a toe. Run really fast into moving traffic. SKYDIVING! Eat something raw. Something still alive.Jump in place until you collapse from exhaustion. Watch a really bad movie while giving yourself bangs with a chainsaw. Go streaking. Eat an icicle… Continue reading Hangover Cures