Plots I Never Finished

CURB ALERT: I’m setting out a bunch of unfinished story plots on the side of the road. First come first serve! If this post is still up, it means plots are still available. Thanks!!!!! Please no phone calls!!!! The one about a girl trying to lure a boy first into a motel, and then into… Continue reading Plots I Never Finished

13 Things I Loved in 2013

Peeps, I am PSYCHED for 2014. I think it's going to be a fantastic year for all of us. Shout-out to my little sister who'll be graduating high school and starting college, everyone from IU who's going to be graduating with an MFA, and all others undergoing life changes big and small. Oh, and an… Continue reading 13 Things I Loved in 2013

Everything I Know About Narrative Realist Fiction I Learned From “The Call” by the Backstreet Boys

I've been studying creative writing since I was a kid, but I never learned much from "books on craft" (ugh) or discussions about whether or not creative nonfiction needs to stick religiously to the truth (yawn). As a matter of fact, it was a single song from the turn of the millennium that -- despite… Continue reading Everything I Know About Narrative Realist Fiction I Learned From “The Call” by the Backstreet Boys

Brief, Impassioned Book Reviews in Capslock

Want to know my favorite thing in the world that I've loved since I was 12? Sleeping in on Saturday mornings, rolling over groggily, and picking up a book. O! for the days when that book was Harry Potter! I may never know such passionate investment in a world again. (I'm like 20% invested in… Continue reading Brief, Impassioned Book Reviews in Capslock

The Work of Writing: Week One Update

In case you missed it, I'm embarking on a month-long project of trying a different writing work style every week. If you're a non-writer who's wondering why I'm doing this, STOP READING MY BLOG AND GO BACK TO YOUR FINANCE JOB. Just kidding, I ADORE you. I'm doing this not-so-glamorous experiment because nobody really talks about the pros… Continue reading The Work of Writing: Week One Update

The Work of Writing

Due to a series of terrifying life events that none of you would understand, I'm embarking on a month-long project. Fine, if you insist: my sisterwife/fellow sugar daddy-hunter/coffee shop aficionado/curator of divorces/practitioner of extremist fascism/PRESIDENTIAL RUNNING MATE Meriwether "Poet w/ Eye of Dictator" Clarke is out of the country for one month. Where is she,… Continue reading The Work of Writing

Revenge Fantasy No. 14 [Video] I don't know what happened to the technology-hating pyromanic I used to be, but I now own an iPhone. This means I can now shoot and edit movies (on my MacBook, GAH), and lemme tell you, I AM LOVING IT. There's something about working in multiple dimensions--sorry, mediums--that is just really, really fun. Anyway,… Continue reading Revenge Fantasy No. 14 [Video]

Half a Year: Photos

I bought a Moleskine planner today. (It's a thing.) I cleaned out my camera. My new planner starts July 1st. While in limbo, I thought I'd look back on this first half of the year. This is a totally skewed portrait, since I never had my rather bulky DSLR at any of the many FABULOUS,… Continue reading Half a Year: Photos

Love List #5 and me...oh yeah! That's just a little pop song I wrote for us today. Apparently meditating for 5 minutes a day can make you happier, and keeping a gratitude journal can retrain your mind to focus on the good things in life instead of the bad things, like the fact that EVERY MORNING THIS… Continue reading Love List #5