Plots I Never Finished

CURB ALERT: I’m setting out a bunch of unfinished story plots on the side of the road. First come first serve! If this post is still up, it means plots are still available. Thanks!!!!! Please no phone calls!!!! The one about a girl trying to lure a boy first into a motel, and then into… Continue reading Plots I Never Finished

Writing As: An Introduction

I've tried to update this blog—this PORTFOLIO, sorry, this portfolio—a million times this summer and fall, but I've been wracked with that weird form of writer's block that comes from having too much to say and too much money to be bothered to write it down and too many conflicting celebrity birthday party invitations to… Continue reading Writing As: An Introduction

Brief, Impassioned Book Reviews in Capslock

Want to know my favorite thing in the world that I've loved since I was 12? Sleeping in on Saturday mornings, rolling over groggily, and picking up a book. O! for the days when that book was Harry Potter! I may never know such passionate investment in a world again. (I'm like 20% invested in… Continue reading Brief, Impassioned Book Reviews in Capslock

The Work of Writing: Week One Update

In case you missed it, I'm embarking on a month-long project of trying a different writing work style every week. If you're a non-writer who's wondering why I'm doing this, STOP READING MY BLOG AND GO BACK TO YOUR FINANCE JOB. Just kidding, I ADORE you. I'm doing this not-so-glamorous experiment because nobody really talks about the pros… Continue reading The Work of Writing: Week One Update

The Means of Production

It's impossible not to love April. It's the prettiest month, the crocus month, the herald of the lover's month (wait, how could I ever pick the prettiest month?): May. As soon as April hit, so did inspiration. I started the month buzzing with near-delusional creative energy and I have the crazed texts to prove it.… Continue reading The Means of Production

Making Things Happen

Friends, Romans, countrymen: I just had a storytelling revelation. It may not mean much to you, but it's big for me. If you all give me five bucks, I'll share. By reading this far you have already agreed. Awesome. I'll send my accountant around to collect. Isn't it great how the Internet lets us make… Continue reading Making Things Happen