Childhood and the Extinct Animal

I was in an airport when I saw the sign: there are only about 3,000 tigers left in the world. Actually, the phrasing on the sign was very diplomatic. It read something like, There may be as few as 3,000 tigers left in the world. Even as the tiger sprints toward extinction, it still defies… Continue reading Childhood and the Extinct Animal

The Wilds of the Midwest

I live in the Midwest but I'm not from here at all. I'm an East Coast baby, a move-around-a-lot baby. I lived abroad as a child, and before I was a teenager, the only place I really put feelers into the soil was the little town of Lenoir, North Carolina. And then once I was… Continue reading The Wilds of the Midwest

Advice for the Wandering Girl

When you're alone, you have to pretend like you're in a movie. You have to, or you'll go crazy. If you don't see yourself as the sweet, sad heroine of some beautifully-wrought journey, you'll start asking the dangerous questions:Why did I come here?What am I trying to find?Why am I not afraid? I've been writing an… Continue reading Advice for the Wandering Girl

The Work of Writing: Week Three Update

Oh, week three: meant to be a full-fledged¬†orgy¬†of inspiration. Epileptic fits of pastoral joy, "Look at that flame-edged leaf! I muse in agonized ecstasy on its transcendent contours...", weeping over a perfect shard of broken glass, and so on and so on--basically all the things that make the world hate writers. Sometimes that's the way… Continue reading The Work of Writing: Week Three Update

In Defense of Babies’ Rights

In this day of hyper-stylized political sensitivity and outrage over perceived "income gaps" and "gender inequality," it is truly appalling how willingly society turns a blind eye to the terrible plight of a huge portion of our American population. I refer, of course, to babies. These silent sufferers are objectified, victimized, and discriminated against on… Continue reading In Defense of Babies’ Rights

A Few Thoughts on Nostalgia

(Isn't it great that we can title things "A Few Thoughts On..." and it gives us the excuse to totally abandon all but the barest bones of form and cohesion? I'm just so glad I live in 2013, you know?) It's nearing midnight here in the magical city of Bloomington, IN, and I have created… Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Nostalgia

Children are Stupid

You may have clicked on this link because you assume, based on the title, that this is some protofeminist rant about gender roles and the dated burden of motherhood. I have no idea what "protofeminist" means, btw. Is it real? Who knows.But this has nothing to do with made-up words or feminism. Having children is… Continue reading Children are Stupid

My Career Goals To Date

Ages 0-5: Princess, Sparkle Princess, MommyAges 5-8: American (we lived in Africa and I really missed America for some reason)Age 9: Destroyer of Walmarts (when we came back to America I loathed Walmarts)Ages 10-14: Horse Owner, Professional Horse Rider, HorseAge 14: Concert PianistAge 15: Mrs. Frederic Chopin Age 16: Anything But Concert PianistAge 17-18: Actress,… Continue reading My Career Goals To Date