So remember how I’m doing this month-long project and I never decided what to do for week four? HOLD EVERYTHING, BECAUSE I DID DECIDE. Unfortunately, this week has gotten off to a weirdly busy/slightly under-the-weather start, so Week Four did not officially start until yesterday. That means I’m giving myself until Tuesday, Sept. 24, to finish this thing up. I DO THE LEGWORK, SO I MAKE THE RULES AROUND HERE!

I thought about doing something shtick-y like writing only by hand or trying a new genre or something. But then I thought, “NOOOOOOOO!” This project has been extremely useful and informative for me; it’s forced me to create and polish and complete a lot of things that otherwise probably would still be lurking on my to-do list. This project needs to end with a BANG, not a whimper, you know? So I decided to do something big. Something fear-inducing. Something worthy of being embroidered onto a doily. Something that I’ve wanted to do since April:


I love flash fiction, I know what I want to write about, chapbooks aren’t very long, and WHY NOT?

So I’m just going to crank out the minimal structure of a chapbook, which will be about 25 pieces of flash fiction. This means I have to write about 5 pieces a day, if I take Sunday off. And I only wrote 3 yesterday. So I’m already behind. Also, I wasted about two hours yesterday making a parody music video to Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” featuring me and a jar of olives (because, you know, jars can be so hard to open, and she sings “I just wanted you to let me in,” and…it seemed really hilarious last night during the thunderstorm, okay?). So things are looking great around here.

If you want to watch my poorly edited parody (and figure out whether I’ve hit a new low or a new high), here you go:

PS: The sisterwife whose absence inspired it all, MERIWETHER “JOURNALIST” CLARKE is back from her month-long jaunt around South America, trailing Brazilian husbands and Peruvian babies in her glamorous wake. Please greet her!



  1. I’ve been a negligent commenter but just want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this series. As someone who admittedly does not always love writing as much as I love having written, it can be tough to find a balance between ~*~GeTTiNg iNsPiReD~*~ (that was necessary) and, as you say, doing the work. Last night I wrote an essay by hand in a bar while eating a chili cheese dog, which seemed like a good compromise…until I got home and my notebook was covered in gory-looking stains. At least if I go nuts and start eating my own work it’ll taste like beer and beef heart ragu.

    Anyway, you’z killin’ it. So impressed.


    1. Giiirl, thank you! Your opinion means a lot to me! And where you might see “stained notebook,” I see “fascinating artifact for future Emma Aubry Roberts exhibit at the Met.”


  2. […] I wrote more or less 25 pages of flash fiction, as promised, all STRONGLY centered around a theme, which means that the blurry little file you see above contains the bones of a flash fiction chapbook. Don’t get me wrong, it’s as rough as cuticles soaked in lemon water and then sandpapered until they bleed. Many of the pieces are incomplete, none of them are edited. At least one ends mid-action because I just couldn’t right then. I desperately need to do some fact checking, because I need to know where all the world’s biggest forests are. […]


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