Revenge Fantasy No. 14 [Video]

I don’t know what happened to the technology-hating pyromanic I used to be, but I now own an iPhone. This means I can now shoot and edit movies (on my MacBook, GAH), and lemme tell you, I AM LOVING IT. There’s something about working in multiple dimensions–sorry, mediums–that is just really, really fun.

Anyway, I was thinking about how musicians are always shooting artsy music videos for their songs, and I started to wonder why writers don’t get to do that for their short-form work? AND WHY DON’T WRITERS GET TO READ THEIR CONFESSIONAL MEMOIRS TO SOLD-OUT STADIUMS WHILE MAKING ¬†MILLIONS IN T-SHIRT SALES?!? WHY DOESN’T ANYONE CARE WHEN WRITERS MAKE CONTROVERSIAL FASHION CHOICES OR POST PICTURES OF CHRIS BROWN ON THEIR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS?

Well. Inaction is no friend of mine, so I decided to start making music videos for my flash fiction. Okay, they’re not music videos. There is no music involved (YET). But they’re conceptually similar. If anyone wants to join me, I’d love to put some up here on toridotgov. Unless they suck, then please don’t send them to me.

(And the iPhone? Every day I fight it for my soul.)



  1. Oh oh oh oh, this is really cooooooooooool. How about ADDING MUSIC TOO!? With the very first piece I submitted to workshop last year (middle-aged woman cheating on her husband with a college student), I was thinking of a theme song to be played while people read it ( But I wanted it to be played at certain crucial points in the story and not throughout, so a “music video” for a story might be a really, really cool solution.


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