Suitable Thoughts While Eating Quinoa

1. I am an ancient Aztec!!!!!!!!!!

2. Wait, is quinoa an ancient grain? Or is that farro?

3. I’d Google it, but opening up another tab just makes me want to die of Internet over-exposure, given that I already have open tabs for Gmail, Facebook, screenwriting competitions that I will never apply to because of the $60 entry fee, a Google search for “cheap easy free meal,” and 5-10 different pop-ups at any given time that promise to find me “aggressive Russian babes in Bloomington, IN.”

4. Does the Pope eat quinoa?

5. Gosh I’m being so healthy by eating this ancient grain. If it is indeed an ancient grain. Just think of all the terrible things I could be eating instead: Brie, champagne, chalk, mud, baby powder, shampoo, eye serum, anti-wrinkle face mask, noncomedogenic sunscreen.

6. I just poured raw sugar all over my quinoa. Now it’s crunchy and sweet. Just like carrots (or so I hear).

7. Man, the Aztecs really got screwed over by the Spaniards. (Feels sad about it for one second.) (Moves on.)

8. I’m saving sooo much money by eating this bowl of quinoa instead of doing what I really want to be doing, which is starting a start-up for start-ups in deepest Africa. (Snickers.) Oh I’m sorry did I just subtly mock naive idealism? I could have sworn I typed “…what I really want to be doing, which is guzzling coffee and sour cream coffee cake while engaging in a terrifying stare-down with a local baby.”

9. True, true, quinoa is super cheap, but something about it feels so…yuppie.

10. Does this make me the 1%? On a global scale? Granted, I have less than $6 in my checking account, but there are people who will never even have the resources to Google “quinoa,” let alone eat a whole bowl of anything except for perhaps RANCID LAKEWATER.




  1. I just saved you the trouble of googling and THEY’RE BOTH ANCIENT GRAINS. I love quinoa, but I’m really troubled by the fact that poor farmers in Peru can no longer afford it (true story. Put THAT in your agricultural ethics pipe and smoke it) so I try not to buy it too often.

    12. Quinoa is for monsters, clean-eating humanitarians choose farro.

    13. Raw sugar? Really? Huh.


    1. WHAAA? Oh the irony of this world we live in! Next time I hit up the bulk bins, it’s farro all the way. (Also, I KNEW there was a reason for the vague yuppie vibes I get from this ancient grain!)

      14. The quinoa was already headed in a sweet direction from PB & blackberries…I just gave it an aggressive nudge. U dig?


      1. Ugh I know, I’ve been a total quinoa evangelist over the years and I felt like a blood diamond trafficker when I found that out. And now I have to be the party pooper. Every party has one, that’s why they invited me.

        (Totally have some in my pantry that my mom sent me though, and totally going to eat it. Maybe with PB & blackberries. Sure, why not!)

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