Things That Are Whack, Part 2


A long, long time ago, my boyfriend and I wrote one of the most popular posts to date on Toridotgovdotcom: Things That Are Whack. We composed this list of things we just aren’t down with after re-watching everyone’s favorite indie flick, Rachel Getting Married, and realizing how self-indulgent and fraudulent the whole movie actually was. A few months later, we composed another list of things that are, in fact, whack–but for whatever reason, I never posted it. Which was definitely whack.


Boyfriends who act offended when you tease them

People who publicly discuss books

A quiet afternoon spent browsing through records/books

Trying to look like Bob Dylan



People who are self-consciously courteous/cheerful to public service employees

People who think Crazy Heart was profound

People who think Wimbleton (the movie) isn’t art

Most art hanging in coffee shops

White boys who say righteous (“What? I’ve said righteous since I was literally in sixth grade! I have the final exam to prove it!” – Charlie)


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You are truly great.

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