Friday Love List

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Happy March, peeps. I’m continuing to steal this idea from Rosie Glow Wellness, who stole it from Zeus knows where, who stole it from Ra knows where. (I was homeschooled. I know my ancient gods.) Is it even possible to be original these days? One might pinpoint that as the driving question behind Toridotgov, which is why I’m always being ~*~*~*~*sO rAnDoM!!!*~*~*~*~* It’s just a search for truth.

What am I super excited about this Friday, you ask? Well, nothing in particular. But isn’t that the point of this post? To lure my unwilling young mind from its bejeweled teepee on the brink of fatalism into the greener pastures of hope/joy/fluffy quinoa/the perfect cat-eye? YES IT IS YES IT IS SO HERE:

1. Sort of feeling like a cool adult for two seconds.

I hate to even mention this feeling because I don’t want to tempt the Moirae (the Greek Fates, duh) into plunging me back into a life of ramen and solo cups and awkwardly running into my undergrad students over a lively game of beer pong, but for the past 24 hours I have really felt like I have my life together.

~*~*~*CUE LAUGH TRACK.*~*~*~

This feeling has come from very minor things, but let me revel, okay? I bought a bunch of bulk grains and herbs and I put them into little glass jars. Please let that sink in. I PUT THEM IN LITTLE GLASS JARS.


Then I made a huge pot of chili and drank green juice. Then I finished my work and went to bed (after gazing out the window for a few minutes, convinced that I saw the slow creep of a serial killer on the roof of my garage). Wait, does this mean I’m an adult or just an impoverished simulacrum of a boring corporate bro?

2. The beautiful fluffy snow falling like angel-dust from the steel-grey sky.

Since March is apparently coming in like a passive-aggressive lion, this means it will glide out like a–I TRIED. I DISAPPROVE OF THIS SNOW.

3. The endlessly catchy playlist my boyfriend created on my Spotify account.

Let’s just say it features everything from Ke$ha to Elliot Smith and a million Frank Oceans in between. (Lest this be interpreted as a love of Spotify, allow me to take this chance to say I actually hate Spotify. If I turn down the volume while the all-too-frequent ads are playing, the ads stop playing until I turn the volume back up. Spotify, I don’t need a Big Brother, I have two little ‘uns!)

4. Walking the line between hustling and totally overextending. Sorta.

I’m a fulltime (barely) grad student and associate instructor of wily young undergrads, but I also have approximately one million (= two) freelance gigs going on at any particular time. Yeah, I’m proud of myself for climbing in your windows, snatching your freelance work up, but I realize that there’s a fine line between achieving and overachieving (as well as a four-letter difference). So um…are you gonna finish that sandwich?

5. My little sister.

She’s a gem, she truly is, and now you all know it, too. She also has great hair, ugh. And she’s gonna be Rose Smith (the sister) in Meet Me In St. Louis this spring, so I’ll probably be flying out to California (tucked comfortably in the luggage compartment because it’s all I can afford) to cheer her on, buy her Lindor Truffles, and eat them all in bed with her while watching Once Upon a Time. What more could one possibly want, besides a MacArthur?


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