Brit & Justin: A Retrospective

If Kate and Johnny are my personal favorite It couple from the ’90’s, then there’s no question about it–Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are THE couple of the early 2000’s. I love it when beautiful people date other beautiful people, like Hugh Jackman and myself and Pablo Neruda.

While perusing the internet for these pictures, I couldn’t help thinking two things:

1. Britney looks so happy! Poor baby! Britney, I want to see you smile like that again. What’s with the judgmental looks, people? I love Britney and always will.
2. Is there anything more atrocious than the fashion choices of the early 2000’s? Even the ’80’s look classy in comparison. Be thankful I didn’t show you Britney’s entire outfit in the last pic. Hint: she’s wearing jeans underneath that dress–and matching pale pink pointy boots.


One Comment

  1. Hahahaha, I love that Neruda is one of the labels for this post. Trying to reconcile old Brit & Justin with new Brit & Justin is basically the equivalent of trying to imagine the sound of one hand, she was so pretty and happy then :(:(:(


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